Usha Guduri

Domain Registration Vs. Web Hosting

Any substantial group/idea/person has to have a website these days to prove their legitimacy even in the cyberspace.

Now where does that start? With signing up for a easy to recognize name that is associated with the entity at a Domain Registrar - one who makes sure that you own that name and no one else can get that name, like GoDaddy, 1and1, Network Solutions etc. And you pay for their services-anywhere from $10 to $100+ a year. (Prepare to shell out in the thousands if you want a name real bad, that is already taken). At this point, you only have the name to your credit, with a generic message showing at most but no where close to what you want it to actually be like, when you visit the site via a web browser.

The next step is to get some space on a machine connected to the internet-always, so that John in Bangkok or Joe in Paris can see your website anytime of the day. Called Web Hosting, there are so many choices again here - shared, dedicated, colocation - including the big names like Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure etc.

For a simple website, I suggest something like HostGator (best of the lot if you ask me), BlueHost, 1and1, Namecheap and such, where you can get both the above mentioned services in 1 spot with an easy-to-use Control Panel to manage everything.

By the way, for the geek in you,


shows the information you used to sign up with the Domain Registrar and


show which IP address(machine) the domain is being served from.

Oh and the next time, I can point anyone, who still ponders why pay twice and are they over-charging etc, straight here..hehe