Usha Guduri

On Going

When I moved from LA, this group provided a great way to get involved with the Boston community. Over time I came to know that they needed someone to help removing the veil from a totally black-boxed website which none but the lady who created knew (and she had disappeared from the radar for months-no one knew that the website was hosted on Heroku either!). So I offered to give them a Wordpress-based site on their own Hosting provider and help with IT-support on the domain as well. The new website was launched Nov 2012 and a few more features are in the works.

Triveni School Of Dance

I love going to this dance school. That aside, I help the kids working on the website and also maintain their social channels on Youtube and Facebook. Not a month goes by without Neenaji thanking for the music-sharing system that I setup, that frees her up from remembering who the music was already sent to, who to send to etc.


This Star Wont Go Out

Again as part of NewEngland GiveCamp 2012, Nicholas and I helped Lori create a brand (logo, brochures) and this simple Wordpress website so she could reach out to even more people in Esther’s spirit.

Boston Women’s Fund

The NewEngland GiveCamp in 2011 was a really great way to know the wonderful work being done by even individuals in memory of their loved ones to help the community at large. Working as the Project Lead with a great team we took their 1995-website to a whole new level! My first foray into the Wordpress world and I left with a very important lesson “There’s a plugin for that” ;)

Ramakrishna Foundation

This was way way back in the day, when the Ramakrishna Foundation wanted a web presence. And this was also the first time that I realized I could help Non-profit organizations by creating websites so they could expand their reach and help people in need, materially or spiritually.